January 11th: Trimming 101 with Jim Apple

No hoof trimming experience required. An intensive one day hoof trimming workshop that is informative and hands-on. Learn how to maintain your own horse’s hooves yourself or just come along to learn the science of healthy feet so you can make informed decisions about your horse’s hoofcare.

Workshop emphasis is on safety, ergonomics and how to make a hard job easier. This workshop is not intended in any way to replace regular farrier school for those desiring to enter hoofcare as a profession. This workshop is only an introduction to hoofcare and is intended for horse owners desiring to do some “at home” hoofcare.

$150 per participant for workshop. $50 non-refundable down payment to reserve your spot. $100 balance due at check-in on day of workshop. $15 to audit. Mail checks payable to:

Jim Apple

3120 River Road

Ashland City, TN 37015

· After check-in at 9:00am, meet and greet, the day will start at 10:00am with basic anatomy, and overview of how to trim and maintain a sound horse’s feet, plus a demonstration of trimming practices with an emphasis on safety and making the job easier. Participants will learn how to properly use tools and practice before moving on to a live horse.
· After Lunch there is a demonstration on horse handling for trimming. Participants then go to work on their own horse’s feet under supervision. There will also be time for question and answer and troubleshooting particular issues and situations.
· You get supervised instruction on tool use, trimming position, trimming technique, etc. while trimming your horse. If you cannot finish the trim in the time allocated, we will finish it ourselves. Your horse will definitely get trimmed.
· If your horse may need boots, we can fit them for you, so you will know what size is suitable.

HORSES: Participants are encouraged to bring their own horses. We do offer overnight accommodations on the ranch. Contact Circle G Ranch for more information. Horses must meet basic behavior and training criteria, be able to behave in a group setting and have their hooves handled quietly. Do not bring young horses or those who need ground training. NO stallions! Items needed for workshop (listed in order of importance)

1. hoof stand and a good rasp with a handle

2. pair of nitrile coated work gloves or rubberized garden gloves (rasps are sharp)

3. pair of chaps (or thick pair of jeans)

4. one large loop knife

Optional things you may wish to bring include quality hoof nippers, a good stiff brush and hoof pick to clean out the hoof, a diamond coated file for sharpening the hoof knife, a notebook and pen, and a camera for taking pictures. *Participants will be given a detailed supply list with recommended brands & suppliers prior to workshop* Participating in any form of equine activities involves an inherent risk of bodily injury. Participants are required to read and sign a copy of the Tennessee Equine Activities Liability Act and a hold harmless agreement at check-in.


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